Letras de Pennywise


Now I Know
God save the USA
Somethig to change
Look who you are
Failling down

Holiday in the sun
This is only a test
Punch drunk
Rise Up
Change my mind
Judgment day


Now I Know
Woke up to a perfect day no hope in sight but the futures bright ahead
today things will go my way, I've got to fight: can rest when I am dead
got no time for your explanations, give me the frustrations and strained relations
can't wait for what waits for me, got to get out and find what's right for me
Now I know, I can hear the voices in my head, they're telling me what to do next
can't figure it out, I guess we'll see: I know nothing comes for free
no one can say what the future holds and now I know I've lost control
who knows what waits for me: no hope in sight, the futures bright for me
Too long I've been denied and hypnotized by the lies they've told me
and too long I've been controlled, I've got to know what it feels like to be free
of the grasp of their expectations, their tribulations; no reservations
can't wait for what waits for me, to get out and find what's right for me
And still you hear them, you lose control, you can't escape them
listen and you'll know.


God Save The USA
God you must be kidding me, it's not what it's supposed to be
the home of the brave and the free for you and me,
but now there's something wrong, shit's been going on too long
never gonna change: no way. So i say what' the CIA
and the NRA, thay're all the same, just names that change
Fuck there's no excuse, anyway you lose
it's all a joke in the good old U.S.A.
all we need is large factories pumping filth into the sky
corporate greed and perverted priests precips the stories of our lives
and apathy's a national disease, and there is no end in sight,
God save the U.S.A., blame the president and say your prayers tonight
The irony of liberty is no here one is truly free
relations are stolen by greed. The G.O.P.
so watch the nightly news, find out how you're getting screwed
Whatcha gonna do? There's no use, so i say
fuck the industry, the aristocracy,
they're all the same, just names that changed
fuck there´s no excuse any way you lose
It´s all a joke in the good old USA
The government hypocrisy, American idolatry, corporate philosophy
Nightly news of tragedies-Where no one cares what´s right or wrong
Our heroes now are all long gone - The freedoms that we all abuse
the obituaries front page news.

Something To Change
Another boring day just fades away, a cycle that's never gonna change
another casualty of humanity awash in my own stupidity
It's like I don't want to try, there's no reason why, a cyborg that's waiting around to die
got nothing left to prove, I got no excuse, a waste id with nothing left to lose
I'm waiting for my own salvation, I got to get out, there's no time to waste
cause I need something to change, something to break, some way to get away
some way to get away from you
A never-ending game, always the same, forever spent waiting for the day
I know there's gotta be some place for me where I can escape this misery
the more and more I try it just seems that I get further from what I want in life
there's nothing I can do, I got no excuse, a reject who hasn't got a clue
I'm waiting for my own salvation, I got to get out: there's not time to waste

My day is here, everything in my mind is clear
never going back to a world that's changed, never going back, never fade away
everything's broke, gotta get back to a place I know
never going back to a world that's changed, never go back, never fade away
never fade away.
ating,, looking for another way
Waiting, hoping for a get-away
trying to get home, got to find a way inside
Everything's changed, the life I know's been re-arranged
can't wait to make that a memory, remembering what can never be
yesterday's gone. Today's the only thing I can get on
the future is the only hope for me, and until then I'll always be, waiting

I want your salvation, we need some liberation
and I believe in history yeah;
it's time to make a difference and its plain to see
I just want to live my life
do you know what's wrong or right?
All we get is talk from you
imagine a life without rules
I want your salvation, I need your creation
I don't want to die an abomination
why can't you see I got to be free
I'm never gonna stop being me
I want some indication and we need consideration
we're all the sum of humanity
how long will it take before you hear our pleas?
We just want to live our lives
is there any hope in sight?
Can't you see our point of view?
How long can you hide from the truth?
What you want you might never get it till you try, so reach and grab it
live your life for no real reason, I can't believe all the things I'm seeing
represent it stands to reason, all your life I call it treason
so live your life for no real reason: I can't believe all the things I'm seeing.

Look Who You Are
I seek out the will, you didn't know till it's too late
till now, divided by the things you could not see
the land of the free; there is no safe end and now
because you don't want to try, you don't want to die
you've got everything in life but the answer is why
you don´t really know it's going to be,
so pretend it's gonna be ok
Look who you are, just a member of society
in a tragic harmony, pretending it will be ok
look who you are, just a product of a history
another faceless casualty, pretending it will be ok
A rat in a cage, accept the things you can't deny
do you recognize the lie you've become Like everyone
you're afraid to face the truth
and now you can't get away; the fortune of fame
and the answers you seek all will slip away:
you don't really care, you don't have a prayer
your escape will be your grave
So you just give up, yeah you just give in
you gotta sleep in your dream at night, at the life that might have been
when you've had enough, how much can you take?
Just try to be yourself, everything will be ok,
it will never be ok.

Falling Down
Falling down everyday, to where I can't be found
left like some wreckage that's been shot down over sacred ground
can't find a place for refuge, safe exits slip away
no chance for my redemption, stumbling towards an early grave
Falling everyday, farther all the time
searching for something there, something I can never find
falling everyday, farther all the time
searching for something there, something I can never find
Without a sound, the silence waits, keeps pulling me back down
I push against it but there is no use, I can't stop now
no place I can hold to, how much further can i go?
Sliding down into the darkness, waiting for the fatal blow.

Holiday In The Sun
How does it feel to be one of those, when your back's against the wall?
A wrong way down, a one way street and you're headed for a fall
you've got no hope, and no way to cope and there's no one to call a friend
your only prayer is if someone cares enough to help it end
There's no way, you're not gonna see it
you better, you better believe it
Isn't this fun? It's a holiday in the sun
a life so serene for you...not me
Yeah we got it all, no problems my friends
we're oblivious, because it's us, not them
Every day in the USA it's a life of luxury
we're rich, sublime and we're satisfied; you're reaching every need
and we don't care about the world out there. We just go about our lives
so self absorbed we can just ignore the hate outside our eyes
Isn't it nice when you have everything you need?
Just as long as we close our eyes it´s nice for you and me

This Is Only A Test
This is only a test of the Emergency Broadcast System
this is a product of hysterical mass confusion
a ship of fools adrift on the sea of our pollution
rudderless and powerless on the sea of our delusion
And we're all alone, hoping one day someone will save us from ourselves
secretly knowing that, as far as we can tell
the world has a hungry parasite that's called the human race
and we're powerless to stop it; we're resigned to our own fate
and no one cares, and no one cares
This is only a test of the Emergency Broadcast System
this is a result of our own reckless ambition
the castles we have built have all become our prisons
trapped by our arrogance and the weight of our indifference.

Punch Drunk
Punch-drunk intoxication
there are jackals in power who feed on frustration
sheer, will you move it or lose it
there's power in numbers, when are we gonna use it
Collateral damage with innocents' dying
the leaders are suspect man, you don't know who's lying'
don't know what caused it; it's so hard to swallow
they tell us what to think and they laugh as we follow
We all bleed, we all die
you don't believe it though it happens right before your eyes
it won't stop, just give in
it's a new genocide, what a terrible sin
Function diminishing value
they're draining the banks now but no one will tell you
cut rates and tax breaks for bosses
they're cashing their stocks in, you're cutting your losses
conspiracy theory, you think what you want to
if you don't believe it, then they already got you
with human lives, yeah, their playing games now

Rise Up
Well it's up to you what you really want to do, take time to find a way
focus on your vision, you're on a secret mission, ignore what the masses say
well it's up to me what I really want to be and I'm still searching for the day
we got to fight, we got to feel, we got to know that this is real
if we're going to win this race
We gotta rise up, open our eyes up
take this vision and stop another casualty
you want it all for free I give you nothing
that's the way it's gotta be
well your point of view it belongs to you, no one can take it away
dare to envision, hold on to your decision, take control of each passing day
well it's plain to see all the loss and tragedy and our they slowly decay
Well it's up to you what you really want to do, take time to find a way
focus on your vision, you're on a secret mission, ignore what the masses say
life's not free, yeah, who you gonna be, yeah, another victim of society
But you don't listen, you're on a mission searching for another way
we gotta rise up open your eyes up
take this vision and stop another casuality
you want it all for free I give you nothing
You want it all for free I give you nothing
That´s the way its gotta be

Up from the ashes and over the hill
we knew more than we ever will
back when the days passed by so slow
and now we'll never know
that sense that tomorrow was far away
and our dreams they never fade
we never thought the good times could end
Can we go back to those days, when everything was simple then?
and nothing could ever change
Can we go back to those days - We didn't have a care at all
I wish I could remain - back in yesterdays
Pictures of another place and time
they seem like scenes from a different life
we didn't notice as the days went past
we knew it couldn't last
but looking back I wouldn't change a thing
the memories shared they'll always stay with me
we never thought the good times would end.

Change My Mind
Every time I talk you just say I'm wrong
I can't take it anymore, a thousand lies a billion strong
you have to be right, you argue all the time
make your point and then shut up: you're never gonna change my mind
No, ain't gonna change my mind, you bug me everyday
just let me see it my way; ain't gonna change my mind
I want you to stop, you're closing in on me
just get off my fucking back; aren't you ever gonna see,
wasting all your time with all the things you say
get this through your head: everything can't be your way
You try to deny all the things that you cannot hide.

Judgement Day
Who ever knew there's be days like these when the world
could knock us to our knees?
We didn't fear the future or regret the past
we knew our days we're numbered and it couldn't last
the world's gone mad, it's so hard to believe, it's like a bad dream version of reality
and now we don't know which way to go
and the pressure is building and it's ready to blow
I never knew there would be days like these
hooray, it's judgement day, we had it good till now, now there's hell to pay
a moments time, we're all gonna blow it away
poor me, it's my own tragedy: I was born in a time of lunacy
it was all fun, but now we're gonna pay
Who ever thought there would come a day when the world as we know it could be stolen away
We didn't see it coming 'till it was too late, and now it seems like the news is getting worse everyday
watch it go down, it doesn't matter to you, but when it comes to an end.. well then
you will know the truth.

Letras Pennywise - From The Ashes