Letras de Pennywise


My Own Country
Can't Believe It
Victim of Reality
Might Be A Drea
Still Can Be Great
Straight Ahead
My Own Way
One Voice

Watch Me As I Fall
Just For You
Can't Take Anymore
American Dream
Need More
Never Know
Badge of Pride



Everything you see you always think you need
You are so crazy motivated by greed
You never take responsibility
You only waste your time when you fuck with me
All you do is take you see my hatred grows
Can't take much more I'm about to explode
You'll see a side Of me I've never shown
You'll feel pain like you've never known
Got enough but you want it all
In it for greed now you're gonna fall
Here we come gonna ruin your day
Time has come It's your turn to pay
The mighty dollar is your only care
You're movin' up but you're going nowhere
You say you only want to get your share
But you still want more no you won't play fair
you'll never ever quit you won't be denied
You sit and watch your money multiply
To get what you want you'll cheat and lie
But I know - you won't be satisfied
Today is a good day for suffering



Fools run the government sick foreign policy
Their words sound valiant but their hands are green
Unending quest for power Taxes that make us slaves
Don't believe a word of it ignore the fucked up things they say
I'm gonna make it on my own Dictator on a throne
Make my own philosophy U.S. of me
A citizen who's really pissed United Anarchists
Give me death or liberty I am my own country
United States Confederate of Me
Old whigs in parliament play bedroom politics
Salacious stories make them look obscene
Spin on your nemesis fill up the news today
Don't believe a word of it not all the fucked up things they say
it's ail me No secret police



Wait! Can't Believe it
Another victim another life another wasted casualty
The youth are shooting, robbing and looting
violence plagues society
in LA. you see it everyday on your TV on your front page
you can try but you can't wish it away
I said wait can't believe it drunk and loaded in the street
hatred flowing through their veins no respect for human life
a world that slowly goes insane
on your front page on your TV it's the endless urban tragedy
in your dark thoughts and wildest dreams can you imagine
a worse society and when I think I can pretend
I turn on my TV again and all the fucked up things I see
I can't believe how this can be.



Take a ride and you will see another dose of reality
It's your life that becomes a victim of me
I think I'm sick and you will see
Because one good shot and you'll end up dead
It's violence on the streets and it will never end
The world is not built for me and your my next victim
Victim of reality
Voices screaming in my head telling me the path that I tread
It's not sane but it's where we're fed
You're gonna end up dead
It's not something new to me a body in the street free publicity
for me and you a world we've known a world that is so cold



The look in your eyes tells me you can't disguise why won't you try and face the truth
You're stuck nowhere I can see that you don=t care
It doesn't seem like it means much to you
I'm sick of listening to you whining It might be a dream instead it means nothing
It could be everything you wanted it to be It might be a dream instead it means nothing
It could be everything you wanted it to be It might be a dream
I see you everyday wasting your time away
afraid to try afraid to lose
don't know why you can't see you could have everything
or nothing at all it's up to you
you've always got to keep on trying
You know you're life could be all you want it be keep getting closer day by day
Images in your head and they wont go away
if you don't try you'll only fail



Every time you try to change something always goes wrong
And by the time you figure it out everything you wanted was gone
do you know there is a way to be everything you always wanted to be
Can I Say if you start today you begin to make your own reality
don't say it's not worth it I know you can change
It may never be perfect there's no one to blame
When you feel yourself going down pick yourself up off the ground
It may never be perfect it still can be great
So you think you've lost your chance the world just keeps passing you by
But you can find what you're looking for only if you're willing to try



All the things you want, all the things you need,
you got the power to choose, you got the right to be;
all the things you loathe, all the things you hate,
is what you will become until you will go straight;
all the things denied ,the shit you can't believe,
you don't blame yourself, you blame society;
all the things in life that you've been waiting for wait outside your door;
all your problems won't go away, I guess this is the price you pay,
your decisions you will soon regret, throw away your life,
go straight ahead!
I see you everyday, wasting your time away, you got no respect,
got nothing good to say; all the things you loathe, all the things you hate,
see what you will become unless you will go straight;
all the things in life, all that you wanna be, but you don't even try,
you want it all for free, all the things in life that you've been waiting for wait outside your door.


I got my way of life and I won't back down or apologize
for things I cannot change guess I gotta do things my own way
And I don't give a damn if you got a problem with who I am
Cause I don't give a fuck you wanna change me well you're outta luck
I don't think that I could never ever change
And I don't know if I would want to anyway
And I don't care if never live to see the day
We can compromise I'm doing things my own way
It's so hard to believe that we can see the world so differently
We don't realize cause we can't see the world through each other's eyes
We'll never understand I don't think that anybody can
I won't change anyway guess were both just stubborn stuck in our ways
I don't care if you never see the world like I do



A million faces are blurred in today, a million lives that are so far away,
I'm alone and I want you to know, I want to scream but there's nowhere to go;
a million voices are making the cry, a million lives that are waiting to die,
a million families are wasting away, split by decision, it must go away.
Someone soon is gonna die, wasting away in a world full of lies;
song unseen, another day, somehow tomorrow somehow today.
If you don't listen you'll never learn, watch yourself or you might get burned;
isn't it time to tell yourself “I've got to get out or I've got to go”?
We've got to be one voice
How many lives will be taken today?
How many times will we just look away?
How many voices cry to be heard?
Screaming alone but no one hears a word;
how many faces alone in the crowd, waiting for answers facing the clouds;
how much longer do we have to wait?
Time’s running out and there's no time to waste.


Everyday, convince myself of everything I can and can't believe:
abused, confused.
Everyday you see your every crime just stare up at the sky and wonder why:
afraid, deranged.
Hold on to your promise, you can use it for a crutch,
stand by while all your dreams get trampled in the dust;
leave now before your slick machines begin to rust,
last chance: farewell among us
Everyday you get a little bit older and everything gets hard you wonder why:
afraid, deranged.
Everyday you feel every crime, an endless shocking show on the parade:
abused, confused.
Where are the Aliens? We're the Aliens.


I am a puppet on a string
I am the worst thing worst thing you've ever seen
I am impossible to believe
I'm pulled by gravity shocked by my depravity
I'm irrational I'm illogical hypocritical a bleeding heart liberal
I'm an alien dressed like Gideon I'm a malcontent
a thorough modern idiot watch me as I fall
I am humble I am vain
what motivates me something I can't explain
I am outrageous and insane
I'm fueled by gasoline, alcohol and nicotine
I'm an honest hypocrite imploding modern idiot
I am a slave to my abuse convicted caught with no excuse
I'm pathetic apathetic disillusioned disconnected
I am lost I am free I'm impossible to believe
a walking chemical statistically impossible
a thorough modern idiot watch me as I fall



Confusion just sets in it always does, where does life begin?
You never know, you won't know until it hits you;
you never act the same, you always play the game, you play to kill,
you won't see it coming; you wanna see a change for tomorrow,
you wanna see a change just for you, depression closes in, you can't escape,
no one understands they can't relate, you won't know until it hits you;
it never goes away, feel it everyday, your only hope it could change tomorrow.
You wanna see a change for tomorrow, you wanna see a change just for you,
you wanna see a change before you throw it all away;
something has gotta break just for you, break through tradition,
break through to life, hold onto anything you can find.


Thought you could face the world now you lost your nerve
All the things you held so close until the tables turned
And when I tried to warn you still you took the risk
How did I know we'd drift apart how did I know it would come to this
Now everything is over and it never will return
You're just a part of my life a memory I wanna burn
I could feel it ending you won't face the truth
I can't live with all your lies I can't take more of your abuse
No I can't take anymore Don't apologize to even the score
Hypocrisy and unity they're not just words to me
No I can't take anymore
Want to send you a letter just to put your mind at ease
I could write it up in the sky I still don't think that you could see
You won't admit that it's over you won't face the truth
I can live with all your lies I can't take more of your abuse
All the things you try to hide won't wash away
All the life you took from me you can't disguise will never fade
So don't look for the answers or somewhere to place the blame
There's nothing that can save you now
can't get back what you threw away



Things you can't deny you best believe it when everything you wanted is gone,
struck down although you don't like it, nothing of value to be found;
violence breeds violence, you know we'll never stop it,
for progress we will protect the game; we struck the fuse,
you can't refuse it, the memory is all that will remain.
The political scene coming apart at the seams, it’s the end of the American Dream;
the temperature is ready to burst, the future is not what it seems for the American Dream.
Time has come, you know we can't stop it: you know that the end is drawing near;
knocked down the sound of it collapsing so loud no one can hear.
Mindless old tyrants, do you hear the sirens song that will herald your demise,
excessive sessions on your transgressions, we're all left sifting through the lies.


Everything you say to me is a lie you've lost control
All you say is just a mask for what you feel down deep inside
And I don't care about getting your respect not in your eyes
It's just an illusion a faded dream of what we had and so much more
So if you wanted to ask and I think you should know
I've given up on the past Now I know that I need more this time
Everytime I try to make you understand you look away
And now I know you are never going to change you've lost control
I wanna know how you lost your self-respect you are so blind
It's not an illusion and I can't understand why you don't want more


With so much bullshit what can you believe
So many lives all divided by greed
No way to stop no way to erase what we all cannot face
Sometimes the thunder it slowly creeps in
makes us all wonder where did it begin
No way to stop it only it will grow to what we will never know
I just can't believe no way to stop it if no one can see
We gotta take control or we will rover know
Say what you wanna say there's no tomorrow if we don't start today
We gotta take control or we will never know
It's on your tv all over the news
what does it matter it's not happening to you
No you can't stop it can't wish it way
And it happens more everyday
When will we stand up when will be heard
They go on screaming no one hears a word
No way to stop only it will grow ti what we will never know


All the bullshit that I see, so much I can't believe,
grown man just tryin' to be true to myself impossibly;
I may not ever get rich, might wind up diggin' a ditch,
I won't cry, no I won't bitch, I wont back down and I'll never quit.
It is my badge of pride, hardcore 'til the day I die, just tryin' to survive,
I won't back down or apologize; say what you wanna say,
I'm not listening anyway, I'll believe what I wanna believe,
true to myself: that's how it's gotta be.
All the methods that I use, all the things I use and abuse, it all leaves me confused;
I've been torn up, beat down and bruised but somehow I was saved and I'm standing here today;
now I do things my own way cause I'm never going back again.

Letras Pennywise - Straight Ahead