Letras de Pennywise


Final Chapters
No Way Out

Stand By Me



Final Chapters
Outside my window I see trouble, on the faces on the people, in the streets below.
One gets a feeling discontentment. Why there is anger I don't know.
Or is it always in my mind, or my vivid imagination, creating this monster at my side?
Hello, hello to who's ever out there, Can you please give us some more time?
Or is this the final chapter, final chapter of the world?
So many times, so many chances. So many roadblocks I see on the way.
I think a new start is in order, It's time to build a new highway.
Fight, fight, fight. The end result is that we'll all - die, die, die. Generations will wonder - why, why, why.
Why we kissed our ass good - bye, bye, bye. I'll see you on the other side.
Why there should be so many answers? I'll see you on the other side.



I'd rather stay in bed all day. In bed with you lying closely right by my side.
With no one to make us take one step outside. Under the covers with you.
I'd rather pull the sheets over our heads.
So we wouldn't have to face the day, no way. Just lie in bed naked.

When the world's coming down like an anvil on your head.
You must make it, you can take it, if you just kick back;
It's all part of living this surviving dread.
But tell me when all's done and said, Who needs depression?
You can hit the bottle or hit something instead. You can take the bottle break it over someone's head.
Take your time, keep peace of mind, and smile big-time.

No Way Out
So many times you'd like to just leave behind.
But there's no way out, no way out. In my eyes, I see what you get.
You take a chance you get regret. There's no round about way or way out.
There's nothing to talk about. Toying with the idea that you'd never get caught.
Caught red handed, now you're branded. And now you're gone, what went wrong?
I'll remain here, I'll carry on.

I'm falling down, I'm staggering I'm here and then I'm gone.
And if you try to find me I'm nowhere to be found.
I'm in somebody's shadow In someone else's dream.
I'm in your girlfriend's mind, as funny as it seems. I'm here and then I'm gone.
Sometimes I pass right through you, when you're down at memory lane.
Sometimes it's only me in there that causes you great pain.
When you gonna realize? When you gonna face? All you and me went through was a pleasant little phase.
I'm gonna find you when you least expect me to.
You'll never find me unless I want to be.

Letras de Pennywise - A word from the wise / Wildcard